Ten Tips for a Happy Halloween

happy halloween banner1. Spooky, not scary!

Creepy is half the fun of Halloween, but don’t be too scary with your costumes and decorations. You              don’t want to scare your neighbors, friends and trick-or-treators away.

2. When trick-or-treating, say no to unwrapped candy or homemade treats.

This goes for trick-or-treators and the ones handing out the goodies! I know the homemade caramel       apple looks so good, but it’s better safe than sorry and you never know what extra things made it into the mix. And please, don’t put out a big bowl of unwrapped candy corn. It’s gross.

3. You’re never too old for pumpkin-carving.

And those roasted pumpkin seeds are just so good!

4. Drive carefully.

While this is always good advice, it is especially relevant on Halloween. Be careful of kiddos running around in the dark, and if you’re suffering from an intense sugar-coma or a little too much to drink, take an Uber.

5. Too much sugar and/or alcohol aren’t so fun the next day, snack smart and stay hydrated!

If you’re hosting a party, be sure to keep water and some healthy snacks available too. There are tons of creative, delicious Halloween recipes out there. You never know what your guests can and cannot eat…and we all know a few carrots definitely make all those Snickers bars okay.

6. Be thoughtful as you engage with trick-or-treators, you never know what allergies, social anxieties, disabilities or shy kid is behind the mask.

If a kid refuses your candy, maybe they aren’t rude, just shy or allergic. The TV show Parenthood did an excellent episode on Halloween and the anxiety two parents encounter going into trick-or-treating with their autistic son, Max. There are tons of organizations doing amazing work around this, like the Blue Pumpkin Project centered around Autism, and the Teal Pumpkin Project creating awareness for allergies. Be sensitive and caring, and believe the best about the cute little ghost. Maybe he isn’t being rude after all.

7. Dressing up is fun, but opt for creativity over cruelty and avoid offensive costumes.

Even if it seems really cool or funny, if it is caricaturing, misusing or misapporpriating someone’s culture, maybe go as something else. The options are infinite!

8. Don’t let the kiddos trick-or-treat alone.halloween-pumpkin

Halloween is great parent-bonding time, or make sure the little kids have an older sibling or friend with them. Don’t forget a flashlight!

9. Pick up those wrappers.

Parties are fun, and candy is delicious, but keep the environment in mind too. Here are a few tips for tidying up after Halloween mayhem.

10. Have fun!

It’s really the most important one.


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