Welcome to Madison!

We’re so excited to welcome Tony Saab to the Madison & Company family! Tony is the brother of one of our other LoHi Realtors, Gina Saab. They are thrilled to be working together in this new partnership. It’s fun to have so many connections bringing amazing new people on board! We asked Tony a few questions about himself…

Saab_New Broker Announcement

• What drew you to Madison & Company?

Throughout Denver, Madison & Company has a reputation for being one of the top firms.  When my sister, Gina Saab, extended an offer to me to join her as a team, I was thrilled.  It is an honor to be joining her, and Madison, as I start a new career and chapter in my life.  

• What are you most excited for about working at Madison & Company?

The prospect of an ever changing and dynamic profession is extremely intriguing to me.  I like that as a Realtor you have to wear many hats, and be knowledgeable in a multitude of subjects.  I enjoy learning new things, building relationships, and helping people.  These are a few of the reasons that I am excited to start a new profession and work at Madison & Company.

• What area of Denver Metro will you focus on?

Having grown up in Denver, knowledge of the different neighborhoods is one of my strong suits.  I would like to focus on Denver proper, but I will also be working in the surrounding areas.  

• What is a random, fun or little-known fact about yourself?

I used to be a librarian.  I was in charge of the teen section in the Telluride Public Library.  I started a chess club with the teens and had a challenge with teens that if they could beat me in a game, I would buy them a drink at the grocery store, and if they couldn’t, they had to read the first chapter in a book of my choosing.  During all of my time at the library only one teen got himself a drink, and the rest were doomed to partake in what they perceived as the painful task of actually reading a book.  

It’s great to start getting to know you, Tony! We look forward to getting to know you even more as part of Gina’s team and our Madison family!

Welcome to Madison!

Maya Harris is the newest member of our Madison Family! We can’t wait to know her better and are thrilled to have her expertise as part of our company.

Get to know a little more about Maya:


• What drew you to Madison & Company?  Harris_New Broker Announcement

The energy here is contagious!  And the ability to build customized marketing plans with specific marketing efforts geared directly toward each listing and each buyer…so critical in today’s market!

• What are you most excited for about working at Madison & Company?

The team atmosphere – everyone is part of the “bigger picture” and so helpful!  The support behind the agent is fantastic!

• What are of Denver Metro will you focus on?

I represent buyers and sellers from Castle Rock to Superior!  

• What is a random, fun or little-known fact about yourself?  

I’m a Buckeye – OH-IO!!!!!!!!!

Madison Year-End Report 2015

Madison & Company president, Justin Knoll, recaps 2015 for our End of Year Report

2015 will go down as one of the best ever for Denver Metro area sellers who reaped the rewards of being in the nation’s hottest market, realizing an average of 14% increase in value from just one year ago. On the flip side, buyers felt the pressure of shrinking inventory and rising prices, while the silver lining of historically low interest rates gave buyers a fighting chance to find their new home. 

With over 55,500 homes selling for over $20.16 billion in closed sales volume, 2015 was a record year which can be attributed to Denver’s economic and population growth over the past few years. In that time, 65,872 new listings came on the market, up 6% year over year, while Days on Market were at 31, down 18%.

To finish the year, the average home price was $363,143, up 12%, and the median home price was $314,000, up 14% from this time last year. This includes detached and attached single family homes. Towards the end of the year, we experienced a bit more balance in some segments of the market as inventory snuck up in some areas and prices began to flatten out after the summer months. However, these were modest changes that could be attributed to seasonal slowing and typical trends.

justin knollThe local job market recovery continues as we have added over 200,000 jobs since 2008, which leads us to a healthy economic outlook into 2016. Looking forward, high demand will likely continue as more than 100,000 people moved to Colorado over the past 12 months, making it the second fastest population gain in the Nation.  Adding to a feverish market are the 83% of renters that say they want to own a home according to a recent National Association of REALTORS® survey.

Overall, we anticipate the next 12 months to bring more buyer demand, similar inventory shortages, growing affordability concerns and possible interest rate hikes, all of which will make 2016 a year to remember.

– Justin Knoll, President

Madison & Company Properties

A Year in the Life of Denver

Denver had quite the year. It wasn’t just the crazy snow in June and balmy weather in December topped off with a more Denver-like snowstorm a week before Christmas, the housing market was off the chartsblue bear and we’ve had quite the increase in population.

Denver is one of the top ten places to move, especially for business and careers, inching ever closer to cities like Atlanta and San Francisco. Over 100,000 people have moved to Denver in the last year, a growth in population beaten only by North Dakota…the whole state. With all the new developments, projects and general growth to the city, the construction industry is booming, with over 8,000 new jobs, rivaling New York City by just a hundred-thousand less.

Across the country, Denver has had the fastest growing home values for the past ten months straight. According to Zillow, the online real estate company, home values in Denver have appreciated 15.5%, and are now at a median estimated value of $318,000.

Within that, certain neighborhoods are growing greater in popularity. According to Redfin, North Denver was the most competitive real estate neighborhood in 2015, with over a hundred homes currently for sale, in Metro Denver. We’ve seen many neighborhoods grow in popularity and increased developments, like City Park and the downtown residential area.

There’s so much growth and excitement in Denver. Our restaurant scene is booming, with innovative and marvelously creative new spaces to eat and drink. We’re becoming known for our love of, and production of, quality craft beers, and 2016 promises so much more, plus the completion of the new Light Rail lines!

Best of Denver: Food, Drinks and Coffee

 When it comes to getting our caffeine on, Denver usually gets their coffee right. Here are five of many incredible coffee shops in the city…

Purple Door Coffee
2962 Welton Street, Denver, Five Points

Amethyst Coffee Co.1111 Broadway Street, Suite 101, The Golden Triangle

Black Eye Coffee820 Sherman Street, Capitol Hillcoffee-690453_960_720

Whittier Café1710 East 25th Avenue, Whittier 

Steam Espresso Bar 1801 South Pearl Street, Wash Park

Fika Coffee House19559 East Mainstreet, Parker

Cookies and Crema4284 Trail Boss Drive, Castle Rock


Denver has grown into a foodie culture, a city full of innovative and delectable restaurants, cafes and fancy food-courts. Here are five of Denver’s best restaurants of 2015…

Mercantile Dining & ProvisionUnion Station, 1701 Wynkoop Street, Downtown

Leña24 Broadway, Baker

 Sarto’s2900 West 25th Avenue, Jefferson Park

Biju’s Little Curry Shop1441 26th Street, RiNo

 To The Wind Bistro3333 East Colfax Avenue, Uptown

Big Bill’s New York Pizza8243 S Holly Street, Centennial

Café Terracotta5649 S Curtice Street, Littleton

Indochine19751 Mainstreet, Parker

 atmosphere_3c-585x460 Biju-about-gallery-4-compressed Biju-about-gallery-3-compressed employees_3b-585x460


Paying the dues and earning stripes, Denver has emerged as a beer city…and we know it. Check out five of Denver’s best or new breweries of 2015…

Renegade Brewing Company925 West 9th Avenue, Santa Fe Arts District

12191871_10153227812979607_5353106074488405831_nCrooked Stave3350 Brighton Boulevard, RiNo

Dry Dock Brewing Company15120 East Hampden Avenue, Aurora

Prost Brewery2540 19th Street, LoHi 

Great Divide Brewing Company221 Arapahoe Street, Ballpark & 1812 35th Street, RiNo

Welcome to Madison!

She’s been with us for a few months, but we are so thrilled to have Nicole join us!

Nicole Wadsworth has years of experience in the real estate world, and we are so glad she has made the move to Madison. We’re excited to have her as part of the family, and to see how her expertise and knowledge help our business grow!

We asked Nicole a few questions about herself, and her decision to join Madison…

Wadsworth_New Broker Announcement

• What drew you to Madison & Company?  

Madison & Company allows me flexibility to work with both my investor clients and my clients just looking to buy or sell a home. Now I am able to create customized  real estate solutions that work best for each client so that every client is getting exceptional service and value.

• What are you most excited for about working at Madison & Company? 

I am most excited to be able to mentor newer brokers and be in an collaborative environment where agents work with each other not as rivals.

• What are of Denver Metro will you focus on? 

I will continue to focus on the Denver Metro area.  I am a native to Denver so I am very familiar with Denver it’s the surrounding cities, because of this  I am able to provide excellent knowledge to my clients in more then one small niche area.

• What is a random, fun or little-known fact about yourself?

I am a tomboy. I love to drive big trucks and classic cars.

Welcome to Madison!


We are so excited to welcome Katrina Nguyen to our Madison and Company family. She’s joining us from Signature Real Estate, and has been in the real estate business for a few years. Katrina will be working out of our Wash Park office.

We asked Katrina a few questions about herself, and how she is feeling about this new part in her real estate journey.

Nugyen_New Broker Announcement


• What drew you to Madison & Company?

Katrina: I was introduced to Madison & Company by a colleague. I enjoy the positive energy and the teamwork mentality. I also like the fact that the company is built on creating a great environment for their Realtors®.

• What are you most excited for about working at Madison & Company?

Katrina: I’m most excited about using their resources to help expand and strengthen my business. They have great mentors there and everyone is incredibly helpful.

• What area of Denver Metro will you focus on?

Katrina: I’m actually all over the place. My business goes as far as Boulder to Castle Rock. However, most of my clients are usually in Denver and Aurora.

• What is a random, fun or little-known fact about yourself?

Katrina: I love fashion, food, and wine. If I can have those three things every day, I will be a happy bee! I also love archery and am working on mastering my skills.

Can’t wait to get to know you better, Katrina! We’re excited to have you on the team.