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Earth Day Tips & Tricks! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Creating an eco-friendly home can start small, with just a few easy changes to your house, decor or lifestyle throughout the year. As you save money, you can move into bigger changes to save even more. Below you will find a few ways to save the planet and save your wallet! (click to expand)


  • Bulbs: Replace incandescent light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs). You can save 66% more energy and 400lbs of greenhouse gas emissions if you trade in 1 incandescent light bulb for 1 CFL bulb.
  • Open the Blinds: 10% of energy can be saved on heating when you open the blinds during the day to let the sunlight in.
  • Rugs: Using rugs on wooden floors can save 4% – 6% on energy bills.
  • Extension leads: By using multi-socket extension leads and turning it off when not in use, you can reduce you home’s energy consumption by up to 15%.
  • Grow Houseplants: Be literally green and improve the air quality in your bedroom. Snake plants give out oxygen at night (perfect for a bedroom or bathroom) and golden pathos can filter air and stay green when kept in darker spots of the home (with low to moderate watering).
  • Sleep on organic sheets: Cotton linens account for 25% of the world’s insecticide use. Switch to organic cotton or sustainable bamboo instead.
  • Wool, not Polyester: If you have a choice between wool and polyester blankets, go for wool – it’s more eco-friendly to produce.

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4 Unique Ways To Give Back During National Volunteer Month 2018

April is National Volunteer Month! Whether you venture out on your own or get together with your friends, family, or coworkers, Madison & Company encourages you to spend some time giving back to your community at one of these Denver area organizations—this month and on an ongoing basis!

If you love gardening and the outdoors… 

Get outdoors and help restore a natural place! 

Restoration volunteers with the Bluff Lake Nature Center work throughout the year to plant trees, restore trails, and remove invasive species throughout Bluff Lake’s 123 acres.  Activities include restoring and preserving habitat, planting native plants, maintaining the short-grass prairie gardens, removing noxious plant species, trail construction and trash pick-up. To become a restoration volunteer, or to schedule a time slot, you can contact Chris Story at cstory@blufflake.org or 303-945-6717.

For other outdoor volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups, check out Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado.

If you like talking as much as you love books…

Use your radio voice and help record audiobooks for the Colorado Talking Book Library! 

For people who can’t read standard print, the Colorado Talking Book Library provides audio, Braille, and large print books. You can join the studio team to help review, record, or narrate audiobooks for those who are hearing impaired. To learn more about the requirements, time commitment, and skills needed, you can visit their website.

If you have a knack for organizing and sorting…

As a creative reuse store, Recreative Denver gets an average of 100 lbs of donated materials daily. Become a volunteer inventory coordinator and help sort through new donations, price things, and place them in the storefront. It can be a fascinating treasure hunt but it is also overwhelming for their (very) small staff and they can use all the assistance they can get. To volunteer, you can fill out the form on their website!

If you want to help knock out hunger

Metro Caring is Denver’s leading hunger relief organization. Become a warehouse or market volunteer and help end hunger at its root!

Warehouse volunteers help inspect, clean, sort, and organize food donation deliverers. This is great for those seeking a volunteer community or those who want to volunteer with friends.

Market volunteers help to restock shelves and keep the produce cooler full, help participants shop our market and find foods that work for their family, and help participants out to their cars. These roles involve participant interaction and working in pairs to accomplish volunteer tasks.

There are plenty of other ways to offer help….

These are only a few ways you can help! To explore more opportunities, head to volunteermatch.org and find exciting volunteer opportunities near you. You can filter the results to find opportunities that fit your schedule and your talents so that you can support causes you are passionate about in your community. Get to work!